2019 Legacy Tour

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NEW “FLAG” RELEASE IN TIME FOR JULY 4th: It’s a bonus track to the new ROCK OPERA I’m completing. A song called “THE FLAG”. We added a full orchestra and an all star male quartet. Radio has already added it to 90 stations. And I challenge you to play this in your church, school or perform it as a public drama . I guarantee this is a show stopper. 

The this will be a feature on my New Rock Opera “CHRIST THE KING ”. It’s a musical, Pop / Rock Passion Play with my own singing and narration. It’s designed for the Visual Of Dance: Mime: Drama: interpretative dance: creative and choreography. It includes The FLAG as the traditional opener or closer to the program. Some of the other 16 songs included in the “CHRIST THE KING” PASSION PLAY are : Satan Bite the Dust, I feel Jesus, This Blood is for you, who’s in the house and The Champion”. A 70 minute Choreographed play on the LIFE OF CHRIST using my songs to tell the story. This New Bonus track “THE FLAG” is available on Itunes or on my schedule: Please share this new project with your friends “TAG AS MANY FRIENDS AS POSSIBLE” and don’t forget, I’ll love to hear your comments below on THE FLAG.

The Flag


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Carman adds to his legacy of iconic songs with "The Flag." Featuring an all-star quartet including Ernie Haase, Joseph Habedank, Matt Felts & Pat Barker, this masterpiece is sure to become an American anthem.

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2019 Legacy Tour Concert Schedule

Carman To Appear At National Quartet Convention 

Nashville, TN (September 13,2019) The National Quartet Convention is one of Christian Music’s biggest events, allowing fans from around the world to see their favorite artists. This year, on September 25, at the Dominion Agency booth, fans will have the opportunity to meet one of Christian Music’s most iconic artists, Carman. 

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